this house is haunted
it'll never be my home
so full of secrets
and unholy ghosts
it's not what was promised
the lost are never found
this house is haunted
so let's burn it to the ground

put up gates at the front door
can't have unwelcome guests
all who enter abandon
any hope you may have left
sacred spires reach towards heaven
but you clasp your hands so tight
keep your truths under lock and key
and hope they see the light

empty hymns hollow verses
recite them all in vain
singing love and acceptance
but all i hear is hate

cling to ancient rituals
'cause they've never let you down
hold on to empty hope
until they lay you in the ground
just open your eyes
i've long since opened mine
all the words you've heard
every single one a lie


from the cross and the switchblade, released September 16, 2016



all rights reserved


wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves Winston Salem, North Carolina

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