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FINALLY!!! It's time to get at it. It took us 3+ years, 4 attempts, and 5 locations to get it right. So enjoy the blood, sweat, and tears we put into these songs.


released October 31, 2014

Recorded at Dark Pines Studio www.darkpinesstudios.com
Engineered by Max Dearing with special assistance by Jeremy Thomas
Mixed and Mastered at Firesound Studio by Sid Menon



all rights reserved


wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves Winston Salem, North Carolina

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Track Name: Serpents
a lonely streetlight shines
on this city's scars so deep
it's illuminating
sidewalks etched with memories
the shadows run and hide
in fear of fading out so fast
we'll watch as spirits rise
to meet the surging flood
and start to change at last

can't fight fire
with just a breath
it burns so bright
consuming everything in sight
on and on
until there's nothing left

the subtle serpents sing
all the words we long to hear
we'll make our stand and say
if words are all you've got
there's nothing left to fear

oh there's something so
so suffocating in the air i breathe tonight
and oh the sky is so
intimidating in the smoke i see a light
Track Name: Crimson and Black
mark my words
your next breath is the last you'll breathe
so watch your back
i'll cut your throat
and watch you bleed
throw up your arms
you dont stand a fucking chance
you made your choice
now the blood is on your hands

it's staining the skin
crimson and black
it's permanent
runs straight to the bone

mark my words
my last breath is all the life i need
your empty threats
will never bring me to my knees
put up a fight
i need this more than you'll ever know
you marked your fate
let's open a vein and watch it flow
Track Name: I'll Be the Hyena
we'll be the silhouettes
on empty city streets
we watch as seconds pass
so quickly underneath
this pavement that we tread
familiar yet so strange
and every step we take
they each feel just the same

there's clarity in the frozen silence
this night brings understanding
sincerity never was your strong suit
hid your secrets best from me

seems so invisible
yet plain enough to see
out in the open air
safe enough to breathe
lungs burn like fire
your lies feel just like flames
though you kiss so sweet
you're still the one to blame

i'll be the one who laughs
Track Name: Lips Like Poison
when i turn around
will you grab the shiv from my back
cause it's got your prints
all over the blade
take it out myself
but i barely seem to notice
after all these years
i just embrace the pain

but i still feel the kiss of steel
as your intentions pierce my skin
the first time wouldn't be the last
you would be back again

all kinds of knives
but none as sharp as the tongue
your words flow so free
just as thick as blood

just another scar
that i'll add to my collection
and it matches
all the ones you left before
made peace with my fate
and accepted your betrayal
after all it seems
i cant change who you were
Track Name: Fathom
can you hear me
screaming at the top of my lungs
as you're standing on the ocean floor
can you see me
though the fathoms separate us
my hands are reaching out for yours

are you breathing

did you mean it did you mean it
when you said this was the last time
i'll believe it when i see it
'cause we both know this wasn't the first time

is your heart beating
is there blood flowing through your veins
are you as calloused as you're cold
you give new meaning
to unconditional surrender
cause you gave up on everything you've known

i watched you lose it all
but i never thought
you'd fall so far
Track Name: Black Drink Singer
nights like these
always remind me
how much i miss home
'cause there just ain't much life
here in this city
city of smoke

but the flashes on the horizon bring
all the comfort that i need

'cause i always feel safe
in the thunder the thunder and the rain

i can't go back
knowing you're not there
it's just not the same
once sacred ground
now just reminds me
of failures and pain

i hear the wind
in the distance sing
when i close my eyes
it sets me free
Track Name: Friend or Faux
talking in circles
always leading to nowhere
made your point a thousand times
now nobody cares
have you got it memorized
'cause we've all heard you use that script
it's the same tired words
and i'm sick sick sick of the same old shit

here it goes again
a new ear you have yet to bend
it must be intoxicating
i remember when
you caught me off guard and reeled me in
you were so captivating
but then i opened my eyes

it's the same song and dance
every fucking time
another victim falls
for your hollow lies
Track Name: Suicide Blonde
cut the charade
i'm not impressed
we've both been here before
so let's put the shit to rest
is this really all you've left to offer me
a random sign of life and false sincerity

is this just a game
you play so well
i know you'll stick to your lines
but it's just so hard to tell
if anything you've ever said was true
it all seems so routine
it seems to come so natural to you

so you hide inside these walls
built brick by everyone but you
and you take pride in your facade
living life like everyone but you

have i ever seen you
for who you really are
ever seen your true face
and not just the mask that you put on
it's sad how some things change
and others stay the same

when you trace the outline of your identity
can you step back and say this looks just like me
Track Name: Strike the Match
i never thought i'd see the day
you'd turn your back and walk away
you never fail to disappoint
it should have come as no suprise
when you packed your bags and said goodbye
you proved me more than paranoid

don't waste your breath you already used that line
do you a favor i'll strike the match this time

you can't expect that bridges burned
will still be standing when you're all alone

i should have known you never changed
but i still trusted anyways
i gave more credit than you earned
this isn't how i thought it'd end
now i'm left with empty hands again
you would've thought by now i'd learn

wait for the smoke to clear
things will never be the same again
so sift through the ashes and see
that this is the way it ends
Track Name: Benedict
there's imperfections in the words you speak
it's insincerity
i sense murder in the way you breathe
there's inconsistencies

though you try everything to hide
your windows are open wide

your eyes they scream
your eyes scream treason

there's misdirection in the way you lead
self serving apathy
i can't help feeling things aren't the way they seem
your smile hides misery

you do your best playing it safe
but it's written across your face