the cross and the switchblade

by wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves

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released September 16, 2016



all rights reserved


wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves Winston Salem, North Carolina

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Track Name: Give Me Conviction
call me naive
but i think that there are still those who want to believe
every word you're singing
so give me reprieve and a reason i should listen
give me something real give me conviction

swallow your words
i've heard them a thousand different times
never any substance
perfect meter perfect rhyme
orchestrated oaths half hearted
and sung in perfect time
spewing bullshit line by fucking line

break it back down
the beat's the only thing that's changed
singing all the same songs
different gimmick different name
celebrated mediocre pawns
who play the game
it's all the fucking same

wanna see you sweat
wanna see you bleed
tear open your heart
and make me believe
Track Name: Bad Name
i lost hope
yeah i nearly gave up
i washed my hands
and walked the other way
i lost control
and let it change me
then sat there numb
with nothing left to say

but i know the past could never change
and that thought it chills me to the bone
'cause the last thing that i need is a bad name
in a place i call my home

i chose my fate
and fucking owned it
i knew just what
what i had to do
fell face first
into my failures
i let the pain come
and started over new
Track Name: The Cross And The Switchblade
oh my heart is broke in two
it hurts just to think that you'd
believe even one of their lies
but i remember that once you said
even when we were dead
our love would keep us alive

i hear the lost echoes
of ghosts on the radio
they're singing soft and slow
nearer my god to thee
they seem to serenade
the cross and the switchblade
how heavy my heart is made
when they sing out of key

so it seems to me
the time has come
to face the truth
that i just can't believe
the things that i held so dear
from the days of my youth

do these jealous gods
hear us scream in tongues
we will see you age
unwept and unsung
Track Name: Always The Rebel
always the rebel
always the black sheep out of step
always the outcast
fighting a war inside myself

all day all night
just give me one chance
to make things right

stuck in the background
yeah on the outside looking in
just anti-social
another reject in the end

can't say i'm wrong
so sick and tired
it's the same old song
all day all night
just give me one chance
to make things right

never fit in i've never fit the mold
i fight my body i fight my mind
there's something wrong
always the black sheep
never a king
always the rebel
Track Name: Can't Say I Quit
self destruction is like second nature now
so yeah i guess you could say that i've been here before
it's just so hard to walk away from
open windows and unlocked doors
reputation gained through intimidation oh
without question you should have guessed i'd know that line by heart despite my flaws and your dedication
i saw this coming right from the start

i've waited all these years hoping you'd change
just to hear you say

in the end when it's all said and done
you know i'm not the only one to run away
but you can't say i quit

expectations were set so fucking high
and i never thought you'd see right through the games i had to play
i've got no excuse and i can't explain
i just don't know what i should say

i should have known you only played the part
but didn't think you'd go this far

in the end when the final curtain falls
you have to know i gave it fucking all i could
so you can't say i quit
Track Name: Hallelujah
hallelujah i'm finally free
now that i've blown it all to hell
paranoia it got the best of me
but it's not like you could ever tell

let it go
let it all fall down
let it burn and bury the ashes
six feet under the fucking ground

hallelujah i'm finally me
and all it took was giving up all hope
oh sweet relief now that i can see
you can't fix something that isn't broke
Track Name: More Than Sand
still you hold onto nothing
so afraid to just let go
gripping tightly with both hands
close your eyes now you're hoping
when your fingers they open
will be filled with more than sand

oh but they're empty
empty and aching
aching for something
something more than just the same
so tired of this game

feel the earth ever shifting
under foot as you chase down
all those dreams that just won't die
steady ground leads to failure
and you're longing to take her
where the horizons touch the sky

oh but she's lonely
lonely and aching
aching for something
something more than just the same
so tired of this game

all we want is what we don't have
Track Name: Old Blood
to which i replied
you're never gonna change my mind
i've heard this all before
yet still you're here bruised and broken
and begging at my door

this won't end well
you're still the same
nothing's changed
as far as i can tell

put another way
i've got nothing left to say
but you can't let go
i'm through explaining and you won't listen
to anyone so

the mighty fell
i'm still to blame
nothing's changed
as far as i can tell

just like deja vu
all over again
tell me what's the point
in fighting wars
that you know you'll never win
Track Name: What I Bleed
listen up
as i pour this heart from sleeve to paper
these words
may be aimed at you but every one is meant for me
make a choice
i'm tired of watching your indecision
yeah my patience is waning
silence is fading can i scream

i'll never understand these games you play
or your part time dreams left over from yesterday
because this is all i've got and it's all i need
while you may just be passing through this is what i bleed

hold your tongue
and think about what you really wanna say
give it all
you've fucking got or step aside for someone else
clear a path
'cause you're only wasting everybody's time
you'll be so soon forgotten
take what you've brought and got to hell
Track Name: Cathedral
this house is haunted
it'll never be my home
so full of secrets
and unholy ghosts
it's not what was promised
the lost are never found
this house is haunted
so let's burn it to the ground

put up gates at the front door
can't have unwelcome guests
all who enter abandon
any hope you may have left
sacred spires reach towards heaven
but you clasp your hands so tight
keep your truths under lock and key
and hope they see the light

empty hymns hollow verses
recite them all in vain
singing love and acceptance
but all i hear is hate

cling to ancient rituals
'cause they've never let you down
hold on to empty hope
until they lay you in the ground
just open your eyes
i've long since opened mine
all the words you've heard
every single one a lie