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released August 14, 2015



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wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves Winston Salem, North Carolina

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Track Name: Scars
you set it up, just to watch it fall back down
you're an addict to misunderstandings
but you'll get your wish, 'cause i won't come back
i'm tired of these games i'm through pretending

damn this heart
goddamn these lonely nights
i hate these scars
but they're all i have to remind me i'm alive

i can trace it all, back to one mistake
so i'll let it go and hope for the best
but i turn around, to see your face
and i'm back at the start stuck in the same mess

damn this heart
goddamn these lonely nights
i hate these scars
but they're all i have to remind me that
that i'm alive
and it's only now
that i feel my heart beat for the first time
'cause all these years
i've numbed the pain
paralyzed by the hurt you hide behind your eyes
Track Name: What I Bleed
listen up
as i pour this heart from sleeve to paper
these words
may be aimed at you but every one is meant for me
make a choice
i'm tired of watching your indecision
yeah my patience is waning
silence is fading
can i scream

i'll never understand
these games you play
or your part time dreams
left over from yesterday
because this is all i've got
and it's all i need
while you may just be passing through
this is what i bleed

hold your tongue
and think about what you really wanna say
give it all
you've fucking got or step aside for someone else
clear a path
'cause you're only wasting everybody's time
you'll be so soon forgotten
take what you've brought and
go to hell
Track Name: The Cross and The Switchblade
oh my heart is broke in two
it hurts just to think that you
believed even one of their lies
but i remember that once you said
even when we were dead
our love would keep us alive

i hear the lost echoes
of ghosts on the radio
they're singing soft and slow
nearer my god to thee
they seem to serenade
the cross and the switchblade
how heavy my heart is made
when they sing out of key

so it seems to me
the time has come
to face the truth
that i just can't believe
the things that i held so dear
from the days of my youth

do these jealous gods
hear us scream in tongues
we will see you age
unwept and unsung
Track Name: Serpents(acoustic)
you know this one